The World of ECGs: Level 1

Click Here for 10 Question Level 1 test

I lead you through The World of ECGs, teaching you interpretations of the most important cardiac test in existence!  Level 1 goes over the basics with 7 Video Chapters, giving you a Foundation that you can build on.  This program is all about Clear Diagrams, Methods, and Examples, so you can be confident with: 

  • Rate Measurement
  • Common Rhythms
  • Axis Determination
  • Hypertrophy
  • Signs of Coronary Artery Disease
  • Pericarditis, and other conditions.

Level 1 is a full lesson, and an integral part of the whole program.  Continue on to Level 2 to achieve the Competence of a Knowledgable Clinician.  Complete Level 3 to get yourself ready for Cardiology Specialist Work, crush your Boards, and Take Better Care of Your Patients!  Levels 2 and 3 are available here at for a small fee.   See you in the World of ECGs!

Click on the Video Below!  It is the first of 7 chapters.  

Optional: Click here for the  World of ECGs Poster: Level 1

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8 Ratings
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O Saleh
Posted 11 months ago
Easy to digest

thank you

Yamila Ramos
Posted 11 months ago
Nice free course

Thank you for the free course, it was better than what I got in class. The test was kind of hard though.

Jaime Gutierrez MD
Posted 11 months ago
Test was great

I knew a lot of the stuff already so I skipped to the test

Molly McDaniel
Posted 11 months ago

It was pretty basic, but there was some stuff i didn't know.

VK Reddy
Posted 11 months ago
5 stars

5 stars

Engin Aksoy
Posted 11 months ago
nice format

i liked speeding up the video. you "spoon feed" the material. great job. test was fun

nadge ridah3
Posted 11 months ago
Thanks doc

I learned a lot.

Charlie Ritz
Posted 11 months ago

excellent course

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!