The World of ECGs: Level 1

Click Here for 10 Question Level 1 test

I lead you through The World of ECGs, teaching you interpretations of the most important cardiac test in existence!  Level 1 goes over the basics with 7 Video Chapters, giving you a Foundation that you can build on.  This program is all about Clear Diagrams, Methods, and Examples, so you can be confident with: 

  • Rate Measurement
  • Common Rhythms
  • Axis Determination
  • Hypertrophy
  • Signs of Coronary Artery Disease
  • Pericarditis, and other conditions.

Level 1 is a full lesson, and an integral part of the whole program.  Continue on to Level 2 to achieve the Competence of a Knowledgeable Clinician.  Complete Level 3 to get yourself ready for Cardiology Specialist Work, crush your Boards, and Take Better Care of Your Patients!   See you in the World of ECGs!

Click on the Video Below!  It is the first of 7 chapters.  

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O Saleh
Posted 3 years ago
Easy to digest

thank you

Yamila Ramos
Posted 3 years ago
Nice free course

Thank you for the free course, it was better than what I got in class. The test was kind of hard though.

Jaime Gutierrez MD
Posted 3 years ago
Test was great

I knew a lot of the stuff already so I skipped to the test

Molly McDaniel
Posted 3 years ago

It was pretty basic, but there was some stuff i didn't know.

VK Reddy
Posted 3 years ago
5 stars

5 stars

Engin Aksoy
Posted 3 years ago
nice format

i liked speeding up the video. you "spoon feed" the material. great job. test was fun

nadge ridah3
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks doc

I learned a lot.

Charlie Ritz
Posted 3 years ago

excellent course

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!