Your Health Summary

Cardiovascular Health Summary

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For Personal Use

  • Enter basic information about yourself to see a summary of your cardiovascular health!
  • Get a detailed summary of where you stand including gauges that indicate where you are and where you should be regarding different factors that affect your health.
  • A cardiologist will walk you through your summary, indicating areas for improvement in a personalized video.


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Dr. Ritter Introduces the CardioGauge Health Summary

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For Providers

  • Use the CardioGauge Health Summary for Providers to quickly prepare a comprehensive summary of your patient’s cardiovascular health status including easily understandable text and graphics. Just fill out the quick and simple form to prepare the personalized summary. You can do it with the patient in the exam room or it can be prepared by staff in advance. You can use it to guide discussion with your patient and/or print it out for them to review on their own later.
  • The printed summary includes a link to your patient’s personalized CardioGauge web-based summary with their numbers pre-populated so they can get additional information including a personalized video that walks them through their health summary and video-based answers to commonly asked questions.
  • For an even faster workflow, you can give your patient their numbers and direct them to CardioGauge to input their numbers themselves and review their health summary including the video walk-through and video-based question and answers themselves.

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