Meet Our Lead Educators

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Nathan Ritter, MD

CardioGauge Co-Founder and Educator

Dr Ritter is currently a practicing physician and clinical instructor in the Rochester Regional Health System in New York. He maintains a full time General Cardiology Practice, and serves as Director of Cardiology Education for the Internal Medicine Residency at Unity Hospital. He has worked 13 years as an instructor teaching ECG Reading to Medical Students, Residents, and Physician Assistants. He also runs the Unity Hospital Clinical Cardiology Rotation for Residents and PA Students.  

As the son of a Middle School Math Teacher and Family Doctor who taught him so much, he has always been drawn to the idea of making the World a Better Place by helping pass on useful knowledge.  He worked as a Teaching Assistant and Tutor in the Mechanical Engineering department in his days at MIT, and won the Eric Reiss Teaching Award as a Senior Resident at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. 

In the home "studio"

Brainstorming with CardioGauge Co-Founder Dr. Ryan Hoefen led to the development of an automated Heart Health Calculator which was unveiled in 2012.  CardioGauge was formed in 2014 and continues to improve on the delivery of actionable ideas to patients in videos and blogs.  More recently the CardioGauge team has ventured into online Cardiology Education, with their new product The World of ECGs , a fresh take on the timeless subject of the electrocardiogram.  

Nathan is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, and has received certifications in EchocardiographyNuclear Cardiology, Cardiac CT, and Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation

His dream is to make clear, scientific, effective educational programs available all over the world! 

Ryan Hoefen, MD, PhD

CardioGauge Co-Founder, Programmer and Educator

Dr Hoefen works as a Clinical Cardiologist in the Rochester Regional Health System of Upstate New York.  He has been an avid Programmer since childhood, and continues with this alongside maintaining a busy professional and educational practice.  Standouts among his many projects include website and his work with the clinical web application VisualDx.

He conceived the Heart Health Calculator in 2012, and brought it to life on his server, laying the groundwork for CardioGauge.  Dr Hoefen seeks to bridge the gap between the clinician’s Knowledge and the patient’s Understanding with unbiased, informative content.  His passion is helping people improve their health, lifestyle, and sense of well-being through education.

Hard at Work!

Ryan hails from the rural Upstate New York community of Dansville.  He completed his Undergraduate Studies at Georgetown University and went on to obtain his MD and PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Rochester.  

He is Board Certified in Cardiovascular Medicine, and has received certifications in Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology. He is the Director of the Unity Hospital Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology Testing Laboratory, and a Co-ordinator of the Rochester Regional Health System Cardiology Fellowship.